We are guest editors of Agronomy journal special issue.

Dr. Mamoru Okamoto, Dr. Darren Plett and Dr. Trevor Garnett are guest editors of the special issue “Biological Technology Platforms Accelerating Crop Improvement”.

Modern agriculture has been hugely impacted by a number of technological innovations. Compared to conventional breeding methods, biotechnology provides the opportunity to fix a gene in a new crop variety more quickly, defining gene function, and make precise genome edits. More recently, sensor- and image-based phenotyping technologies have been developing rapidly. The use of big data tools and machine learning allow scientists to take advantage of advanced data storage and analysis capabilities to test complex hypotheses about the function of plants and agricultural systems. This special issue will focus on advanced technologies in crop production. The featured areas include biotechnology, phenotyping, big data management, and bioinformatics. We also welcome contributions based around newer technologies, which may have an impact on agriculture in the future.

As guest editors, we welcome scientific reviews, research papers, and opinions on policies.

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Deadline for manuscript submissions:
31 October 2017

Wheat in a Hot and Dry Climate, June 23rd, 2017

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