Wheat Hub speakers at PAG XXVII

Hub Director A/Prof. Delphine Fleury will be speaking twice at PAG XXVII:

W347 Understanding the linkage between yield and grain protein content in wheat under a hot and dry climate – Saturday 12 Jan, 11:30 am (Pacific Salon 4-5)

W901 Seven in Absentia Gene underlies increases in biomass and yield in wheat in hot climates – Monday 14 Jan, 5 pm (Pacific Salon 4-5)

Chief Investigator Nick Collins will present:

A major floret fertility heat tolerance locus in wheat – progress in characterization and positional cloning
Climate Change and ICRCGC 3 workshop – Sunday 13 Jan, 2.10 pm (Pacific Salon 2)

Chief Investigator Trevor Garnett is a co-author with
colleagues at Fraunhofer IIS :

W821 Post-harvest spike phenotyping and grain analysis of wheat using X-ray CT – Joelle Claussen – Sunday 13 Jan, 8:30 am (Pacific Salon 3)

Wheat in a Hot and Dry Climate, January 9th, 2019

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